28 Ağustos 2007 Salı

AGLOCO™ Ödemeler Hakkında!!!

AGLOCO Ödemeleri Hakkında Geniş Ayrıntı

Şu anda internette AGLOCO ödemeleri hakkında çeşitli haberler yayınlanmaktadır.Fakat siteler arasında fazla bir tutarlılık görülmemektedir.Bu konunun tamamen aydınlığa kavuşabilmesi için bizzat Agloco-Turkiye ekibi olarak AGLOCO yetkilileri ile temasa geçtik ve konu ile ilgili gerekli bilgileri edindik.

(Kaynaklar tamamen orjinaldir.Türkçe çevirisi en kısa zamanda sitemizde yer alacaktır.)



From: kadir yazar [mailto:kdryazar@yahoo.com]
Sent: Thu 8/23/2007 4:10 PM
To: Member.support.us -
Subject: NEED HELP!!

Hi there,

I'm a member of AGLOCO.I've a blog about AGLOCO and I have been giving information about AGLOCO.In this way I make them member of AGLOCO with my referans.There isnt any problem here.But nowadays they all ask the same question:
''''When is the AGLOCO start to pay??''''
I need some information about this subject.I have to explain this to the members which were refered by me.
Best wishes
Kadir Yazar


From: "Member.support.us -"
Sent: Thu, 23 Aug 2007 16:21:38
To: "kadir yazar"

Dear kadir ,

Thanks for getting in touch with your question. Apologize for the delay in responding to your email. We are working diligently in responding to all incoming emails.

AGLOCO will be making cash payments via check, Paypal and possibly direct deposit.

Cash Distributions: To be a sustainable entity in the long term, AGLOCO makes Member cash distributions from its positive cash flow (revenue minus costs). Therefore, please do not expect a check after the first couple of months as it will take time to collect revenue from advertisers and this revenue must exceed costs in order to make cash distributions to Members. We will be keeping Members informed of our financials and you can visit the Official company blog at http://blog.agloco.com for the latest updates.

Maximizing revenue is extremely important to AGLOCO, since cash distributions will come from AGLOCO’s positive earnings (revenue exceeding expenses). There is some information available on the AGLOCO website and in previous posts to this blog, but I will talk more about this important stage of AGLOCO’s future in my next post. I won’t be giving exact payment dates nor a fixed hourly rate prediction (as AGLOCO cannot predict future revenues per Member), but I will talk more about how the distributions will work.

How are you going to pay me if you don’t have any of my payment information?

Before the cash payments begin we will verify your billing information and ask you to specify how you would like to be paid. We currently plan to have several forms of payment available, including check, direct deposit, and PayPal. Remember that only one account per Member is allowed.

Is there going to be a “minimum” payout level achieved in my account like many affiliate programs have?

Yes, a minimum will be required to keep transfer costs down. All sums not distributed are accumulated in the Member’s AGLOCO account until the minimum is reached.

How are the cash payments going to work?

So, here are three of the potential ways AGLOCO can pay Members. As you know, when you use the Viewbar you accumulate hours (currently up to 5 hours/month, and plus a credit of referral hours at a 25% rate). These hours, both your monthly totals and your overall accumulated hours, are the basis for cash distributions.

Monthy Viewbar hours: Based on the hours you and your referrals surf each month, you will get a share of the “distribution pie”. Your share is equal to your percentage of the total hours accumulated by all Members (including referral hours). How would this work? Here is a hypothetical example. Suppose in a given month AGLOCO distributes $100,000 for that month’s hour accumulation. Also suppose that the total hours all Members have accumulated that month is 1,000,000 hours. This means that AGLOCO would pay $0.10 for each hour you are credited with that month. So in this example if you had accumulated (yourself plus referrals) 500 hours that month, you would be paid $50.

Please visit our company blog page http://blog.agloco.com/ for additional answers to questions.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact our Member Services team at support@agloco.com.

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AGLOCO Member Services Team


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